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To find out more about this service or to book an appointment, please call 03333 582 111 (TIC Health Harley Street) or 03333 585 111 (TIC Health The Hive).


    Please bring along Photo ID and your passport. If you are attending the US Embassy prior to the date or time of the medical, please take a photocopy of the passport number and photo, as sometimes the Embassy holds onto the passport. It is advisable to bring along an additional form of photo ID such as a driving licence or work ID.

    Please find out the necessary travel vaccinations for your itinerary on the Cruise Line that you are working on. If you are up to date with your vaccinations, please bring along written confirmation/proof. This must include date of vaccination given, name of vaccination, expiry date and batch number.

    If you are being hired through a recruiter/hirer, please bring along the contact name and email address.

    If you are Re-Hire, please bring along the last original medical paperwork provided for the previous Cruise Line

    When we have all the results, they are emailed to the Cruise Line medical sections or recruiters/hirers (if required). We copy you in by email. Then, depending on the urgency of the case, we either send the results to a nominated person’s home address – either First Class Recorded Delivery if delivery is non-urgent, or next day Guaranteed Delivery if you are due to depart the UK very shortly after the medical has taken place. Original medical paperwork can be collected by hand, if you prefer.