Essential Cruise Line Medicals

You can’t get a Cruise Line Medical from any doctor. You need to visit a specialist like Cooper Health.

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Convenient, professional service

We care about your cruise and visa medicals and provide a convenient, professional service for most leading cruise lines, including RCCL, Celebrity, Azmara, Pullmantur, Carnival, NCL, Oceania and Regent.

You’ll find we provide an efficient, professional, courteous service in a welcoming atmosphere.

  • We are on the panel in the UK for most cruise liners.
  • Our clinics are located in Central London behind Oxford Street and at The Hive in Edgware.
  • The clinic’s are easily accessible with good transport links from all areas of the UK.
  • We are professional, discreet, speedy and efficient.
  • Same day appointments are available every day. We try to arrange appointments that suit you.

We aim to help you secure that job by providing a professional medical service that’s confidential and discreet. We’re very competitive with our fees and we get all the results back quickly. We get results back for RCCL/Celebrity/Azmara in 24 hours and NCL/Oceania/Regent/Carnival in 2-4 working days.

Providing Cruise Line Medicals to cruise employers

  • We carry out our Cruise Line Medicals with Dr David Rosenberg, Dr Rumyana Iskreva, and Dr Christian Kleanthous. Dr Rosenberg and Dr Iskreva have over ten years experience with these medicals and successfully completing medicals to help Crew Members get onboard the ship for their employment.
  • Our Cruise line Medicals are £375.00 but after a £50.00 deposit to hold the appointment, it is £325.00 on the day to pay. The Chest Xray is £55.00 at Oryon.

Providing Cruise Line Medicals to cruise employers

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The Cruise Line Medical

The tests are straightforward and they’re designed to reassure your employer that you’re fit and ready for life at sea.

We’ll ask you about your medical history and then carry out a physical examination. First the basic checks on your height, weight, hearing, eye sight and blood pressure, then more detailed tests of the factors that affect your fitness, including your cardiovascular, respiratory, alimentary and nervous systems.

We’ll take blood and urine samples and give you a chest x-ray. There are no internal examinations and the whole thing takes less than 2 hours, depending on which medical your employer needs.


We cover a comprehensive list of vaccines for an extra cost, including:

  • MMR
  • Tetanus
  • Yellow Fever
  • Varicella IgG

What you need to do

  • Please fast for 12 hours before the time of the appointment. But, keep drinking water during those 12 hours and on the day of the medical – we’ll need to take a urine sample at the time of the medical.
  • If you take any regular medication, please continue as normal.
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses, please bring them with you.
  • If you have ever suffered from any past medical problems, had surgery or taken long term medication, please provide a doctor’s letter confirming a summary of your past medical condition.
  • Please provide confirmation that any past medical condition is now well controlled and that you have not suffered any complications resulting from it.
  • If you have to take any long-term medication, please confirm you will have sufficient medication for the duration of the contract at sea.
  • If a female patient prefers to see a female doctor, please make this clear to the secretary. We can provide chaperones for all patients, if requested.

What our clients say...

I wish to thank you for making me feel so at ease, for after seeing Dr Cooper for so any yers, I was somewhat concerned as to any change. My concern proved unwarranted.

Excellent service, I have been very pleased with you all =)

Your doctors are really super and I like your premises, very friendly and professional.

Everyone was so friendly and kind – I was very impressed by your manner and obvious competence. You are to be congratulated.

Thank you for your service and organisation. It made the whole process very easy and stress free.

Would also like to add the service you gave on the 30th was very professional and well organised and have recommended your to other cruisers. And hopefully will be coming back to you in the future.


Please bring along Photo ID and your passport. If you are attending the US Embassy prior to the date or time of the medical, please take a photocopy of the passport number and photo, as sometimes the Embassy holds onto the passport. It is advisable to bring along an additional form of photo ID such as a driving licence or work ID.

Please find out the necessary travel vaccinations for your itinerary on the Cruise Line that you are working on. If you are up to date with your vaccinations, please bring along written confirmation/proof. This must include date of vaccination given, name of vaccination, expiry date and batch number.

If you are being hired through a recruiter/hirer, please bring along the contact name and email address.

If you are Re-Hire, please bring along the last original medical paperwork provided for the previous Cruise Line

When we have all the results, they are emailed to the Cruise Line medical sections or recruiters/hirers (if required). We copy you in by email. Then, depending on the urgency of the case, we either send the results to a nominated person’s home address – either First Class Recorded Delivery if delivery is non-urgent, or next day Guaranteed Delivery if you are due to depart the UK very shortly after the medical has taken place. Original medical paperwork can be collected by hand, if you prefer.